Johanna Lüffe

“When I just started painting I was very unsure and uneasy about what to paint. I came across a quote by Jim Jarmusch about originality, which probably saved my life. I realized that every creative takes inspiration from others and mixes them with their ideas. Take everything you like in the work of others and make it your own – and eventually, your style will evolve from there.” – Johanna Lüffe


Nathaniel Evans

“Throughout art school, my teachers and colleagues would give me strong advice about technique, composition, and color, but it wasn’t until I asked a non-artist friend for a critique on my work at the time that I made an artistic breakthrough. I forget what the image was, but she said to me plainly and innocently that it was boring. Her statement forced me to really examine what makes a powerful image, and eventually led me to become much more honest and inward-looking in my art making.” – Nathaniel Evans